Due to the current health advisory regarding COVID-19, I have closed my practice temporarily. At Eaglewind we’ve been working hard to come up with ways we can help our community through this difficult time.

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I will be open again when there is a consistent decline in transmission rates and it is in the public’s best interest to do so.

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Registered Massage Therapy

Sheena Choy, RMT received her training at Vancouver College of Massage Therapy in downtown Vancouver, BC. She has also completed several CMTBC-approved continuing education courses, including:


  • Cervical Spine (Neck) and Upper Extremity: Orthopedic Assessment and Treatment
    - with Mike Dixon, RMT


  • Introduction to Osteopathic Techniques
    - with Ann Sleeper, RMT


  • Introduction to Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
    - with Dr. Nikita Vizniak, DC, RMT


Find Sheena at Eaglewind Health in downtown Squamish!

Se habla español - Spanish language spoken

Recovery and rehabilitation treatment designed with athletes in mind.

Help alleviate pain and discomfort associated with everyday life and occupational stresses.

Treatment plans specific to your injury. This may include working with your other health care practitioners.

Treatment Rates
Massage Therapy30 min.$ 65
Massage Therapy45 min.$ 90
Massage Therapy60 min.$ 115
Massage Therapy75 min.$ 140
Massage Therapy90 min.$ 165

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Direct BIlling

Direct billing available for the following insurance companies:

Pacific Blue Cross
Chambers of Commerce
Sun Life Financial
Manulife Financial
Great West Life

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Clients Are Saying

eagle wind treatment room | sheena choy rmt

“Sheena helped me with my lower back pain and made a huge difference for my weekend. Sheena and the clinic provide a warm, welcoming space and go the extra mile in personal treatment.”


"I work with Sheena at Eaglewind Health and know from my own treatment with her, as well as what I hear her other patients saying, that she cares deeply about you and the outcome of your massage. she'll work hard to understand what is going on and then to treat you accordingly!"


"Sheena is the first RMT I've had who actually listened to what was wrong and gave me therapy tailored to that specific issue. She was extremely knowledgeable and even suggested exercises I could do on my own at home. It was a great experience and I will definitely be going to her again!"


“I highly recommend Sheena. She will listen and make sure to adapt to your needs and will give great advice to help you. Thank you so much! I will take another appointment soon.”


"Sheena was great! Friendly, professional and very good at her work. Highly recommend."


“Sheena is extremely intuitive and keeps open communication for effective treatments! Thanks Sheena! Also her fitness goals and self care recommendations are very motivating!”


Find Sheena at Eaglewind Health

in Downtown Squamish

Phone & E-mail:

38220 Eaglewind Blvd
Squamish, BC V8B 0T2

Direct billing available for the following insurance companies:
Pacific Blue Cross
Chambers of Commerce
Great-West Life
Sun Life Financial
Manulife Financial